Applicant eligibility criteria for obtaining funding:

1. The beneficiary is domiciled in Romania;

2. It is the owner of the building, building on which the photovoltaic panels system is located;

3. Has the consent of all owners regarding the implementation of the project, in case the building is owned by the co-owners;

4. The building must not be the subject of a dispute;

5. The beneficiary has no outstanding obligations to the state budget and the local budget;

Eligible expenditure:

Expenses with the acquisition of the system of photovoltais panels with minimum installed power of 3 kWp, having as main components:

a. Photovoltais panels

b. inverter

c. connection materials

d. system mounting structure

e. communication mode

f. smart meter

g. DC power/ alternating current board 

h. expenditure on fitting and commissioning

i. VAT eligible expenditure


The program steps are as follows:

1) Publish the guide for debate and endorsement in the final form

2) Publishing the final financing guide on the autorithy's website with information on its steps

3) Validation, conclusion of contracts with installers and publication of their list

4) Enrollment of applicants, reservation of funding amounts and approval of applicants

5) Implementation of the project

6) Settlement of amounts requested by validated installers

7) Monitoring the final beneficiaries